Sunday, 12 April 2009

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Goodness it's Easter already ! Where on earth do the days go to? It's occurred to me that I hadn't posted anything for ages......and that would imply i've been doing........ nothing! Untrue, untrue! Loadsastuff!........ My good friend Jennie Owner and Creator of Stamp Connection / The Artistic Stamper has made some fabulously lovely stamps, they've been drawn by another friend Hels Sheridan. They're so good they have made the front cover of Craft Stamper for May 2009! Wow......way to go girls! So in tribute to Jennie and Hels.....i've made a couple of pieces of artwork....... this is a great opportunity to get out the beads and go over the top too....... crowns, [which are just dolly - sadly you can't see them too well on the pics.] beads, lace, flowers.......... oh yes, the background panel has been 'chalked' using the pearlescent powder paints - also from Stamp Connection! Jennie was also fortunate to be chosen to go to Ranger U in New York! just last she's all fired up and set to rock and roll....... having spent days with Suze Weinberg and god of creative art Tim Holtz! ~With the aid of my trusty heat gun and some UTEE, i've filled a bottle cap [courtesy of Sparkling Wine bottling at my day job! in a vineyard- and before anyone gets worried, the caps came from waste on the floor!] This has gotta be soooooooooooooo much easier to do with the aid of a melt pot!

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