Monday, 1 February 2010

New Years Resolution #101 - Clear up my workroom!, being Tidy and all that rubbish!!

I'd love to have big chunks of time.... but if I waited until I had a whole day when nothing else was going on or elderly parents wanting for attention or a mound of washing to see to, I'd never make another card or scrapbook a photo again!  Mornings are crazy, but in reality, you only need a few minutes before you leave for work to plan the composition for a new card.  When I return home in the evening I may have more time to begin more complicated techniques, such as acrylics or spraying backgrounds.... so that I can leave them to dry until morning, or just a half-hour to finish a card or two...  mind you, it can take a week or more to put a project together, but by the end of the week I'll have a completed project and not the regret that comes from making excuses about having no time. 

I'm not ultra organised - I confess to being a tad untidy.... having been a florist for over 25 years, a very good friend & colleague once said to me, that if she was shown a tidy workroom, she would know that the shop wasn't very busy!, and since in our shop we were always rushing around with shedloads of work, our workroom always looked like a pigsty!  My cluttered workroom space is testament to the fact that i've always got several projects on the go at once - it is I grant you easier to create when you can actually find the surface of the desk - and although I have every intention of having a clear up at the end of the day [ok, most days - alright sometimes] usually I feel very self righteous  when the room is a little tidier and more welcoming and yesterday's mess is gone - amazingly, one can also find things again!  

Talking of being good friend Nicky invited us to a workshop the other evening, and we made some really lovely cards.... with her Stampin Up 'stuff' - it was such a fun evening!  We were using 'bits' of paper to make lollipop flowers........... that was a fun thing I hadn't done for ages, so everybody's getting lollipop flowers on everything now - for a while - well, it helps with the clear up!!

So here's to New Year's resolutions and being tidy [ha!] - I forever live in hope!!  Happy Crafting 'till  next time.

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