Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Love is in the Air....

Those who know me, all know for sure that my love for crafting didn't go away, it just had to get put on hold for a while.  Life & stuff happens.... BUT - 2013, this is a  new start, and what better way than to join a new design team?  for Kuretake - Zig pens.... the ones who make those fabby little 2 way glue pens.... great for sticking fiddly little bits, Calligraphy pens, Brush pens and oh so many other things!

There is a new selection of Corner/Border punches out... I've used the heart border/corner here... just a little something for Valentine's Day.  I also used the Art & Graphic Pens to colour in the stamp - these have a rubber tip and thus, won't shred when you are madly coloring in your stamps!  You can use these at full strength... or scribble them onto a bit of plastic or a tile, and use a waterbrush to pick up the colour.... great for painting & colour washing! 

Lovers of Shrink Plastic will like this....... The flowers are made from a bit of chiffon - cut out a circle - or in this case, 3 circles - carefully, with a pair of tweezers, hold the edge of the fabric near, and I do mean close! to a naked candle flame.  This is not for the faint hearted!  best to do it in the vicinity of the kitchen sink [especially the first time you do it - just to get a feel for how it works!] and magically watch the edges all crinkle and melt!  keep turning the flower to get a roughly 'even' shape - mind you dont burn your fingers!!  You can paint the edges with glitter glue too - They look great!

Love & laughter!  have fun. x

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