Sunday, 28 December 2014

Time to clear the decks!

Here's is a little something I created for my niece for Christmas, all in the theme of their recent wedding.   I'd show another one, (but that niece hasn't seen it yet!)
As we head in express train like fashion towards the New Year, I confess I should be ashamed to post pictures of my craft room, it's in such a mess! So.... For 2015 my intentions (resolutions always go by the wayside, don't they!, & I like to be different - well, I don't like being predictable at any rate.....), anyway back to intentions..... I am going to have a clear up.  Was so busy making & getting ready for Christmas & have grandkids coming to stay after the New Year, before they go back to school - but after that....... The black bags had better be ready!

Still on the subject of 'Good Intentions', I saw an article yesterday about creating a jar.... where everytime you do something to be proud of, you write about it (not like War & Peace, just a line...) & put it in the jar.... Gives you something fabulous to read on the eve of New Year 2015!  Could make fabulous scrapbook pages!!, and besides....making & decorating this project, well..... It's an excuse to procrastinate..... Or avoid the clearing up!, but when I get to it, the clear up that is, & it could be painful! Anyone got a need for lots - & I mean lots, of small storage pots?! TTFN. Happy NewYear! 

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