Friday, 23 January 2015

Seize the Moment ! Love, Love Love!

I found this adorable tiny canvas ( it only measures 2" x 3") with an  easel in a shop today, quite quite random!, but thought 'Hey!, why not?'  I'm hooked on the Noor products at the mo, & since the Noor Design challenge for January is in the theme of Love.... I wanted to enter this little darling creation! The Doobadoo texture paste is something I'm a great fan of!  Truth be told, I've discovered long forgotten (& dear friends I confess.... Barely - if ever, used stash!). So with the addition of some of the gorgeous Noor Designs roll up Roses,
Hearts.... Papers from the Romance pad, & some very very indispensable glitter!!, well you can't have too much of that can you?  The 'Carpe Diem' & xoxo Valentine Dies appear too!  (DoH looked at the finished item, was surprised by the size...... but asked if I'd lost the letter 'T' from 'Carpe' !!!!! - well of course, one would have carpet in an artistic creation about love, wouldn't one? - what did he think this was?, something from 50 shades? Honestly!!  
It was fun to make, I do hope you like & thanks for stopping by.  Until next time.... x


  1. Aren't those mini canvas' random? haha! you've made this look awesome though! xxSAMxx