Sunday, 7 January 2018

Goodness, life certainly got in the way of crafting in the last couple of years! I am ashamed or rather dismayed that I have not recorded at least some of the stuff that I’ve made in all this time, but hey ho, it’s a New Year , a new beginning ... so here goes - the path of life is paved with good intentions 😉

In true Scrapbooking style, let’s start with the most recent... & work back!

I’ve discovered a new craft.... something I’ve shied away from for many years.... won’t bore you silly with why, but a new sewing machine & some lessons.... I’m hooked if you’ll pardon the pun. The wreath is Floristry right?, well yes - kindov! Made the leaves, free motion embroidered! A whole lot less prickly than the real thing I can tell you!  So onward & upward. Thanks for looking. Back soon!

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