Monday, 12 October 2009

Origami Picture Frame - Instructions

Okay dear friends......... you asked for it......... don'chya just love this little piccy frame.....and it really is so simple! 
Step 1. take a square of paper.... I used 12" x 12", but you can make it smaller.... you need to find the centre of the paper, so bend the paper [dont fold the whole thing please!!!] diagonally and crease just a fingers width in the centre, repeat on the other diagonal........ if you're like me, and can't see so well.... I used a pokey tool to make a hole on the centre mark.... just to make sure! 
Step 2. with the patterned side of the paper face down, bring each of the diagonal corners to the centre, folding each edge with a bone folder to make a good crisp fold. 
Step 3. turn the paper over, and once again bring each of the diagonal corners to the centre, folding each edge with a bone folder [or if you are like me, and have a workbench that frankly is a disgrace, and you cannot find a thing - use anything you can to make that fold crisp and sharp!]
Step 4. now fold the diagonal points back, so that they are level with the outer edge, again creasing with the bone folder [or the base of a paper punch..... or whatever!]
Step 5. pokey tool to the fore once again..... and holding what is now the frame in one hand - poke a hole [this to make brad insertion easy] approx. 1cm from the edge - go thro' all the layers of the frame - but take care a. not to push the pokey tool through your finger! or b. dont go through the back of the paper]
Step 6. you need ribbon... or fibre... and 4 brads of your choice.  Lay the ribbon between the flaps on the first side of the frame, insert and fix the brad into place - carry the ribbon around under the next flap and fix as before..... repeat, until you get back to the beginning.
Step 7. Attach your chosen picture to the inside 'back' of the 'frame'..... and gently pull the ribbons tight..... tie in a decorative bow.
Step 8. with the bow at the bottom, turn your 'frame' over, and fold back the bottom diagonal flaps to form the stand
Hey Photo Frame!  See, I told you it was simple!

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  1. I just found this online and I LOVE IT! I'm going to make it with 6x6 paper for frames to hold place cards at my wedding!!