Monday, 28 September 2009

Origami Picture Frame

Origami fascinates me... I confess it here! so when I saw somebody make a picture frame from a single sheet of paper, they got blown over in my haste to 'have a go'! Welllllllll some things you just gotta do, right?!  Anyways, I had in mind a wedding piccy to do for a neighbour as a little gift on their gazzillionth wedding anniversary, bless! Hope you like...... I used Kuretake paper - plain in ivory/cream.... I just adore the texture of this paper, and it stamps so well! used Stazon in Dove Gray, and Swirly stamps from The Artistic Stamper to decorate the paper, a few flower brads and some divine mole coloured chiffon complete the look....... it's a real simple design.... and you can make it smaller out of 6" square paper too! [smaller than this works too if you can cope with the folding!!] and folding the bottom bits, creates a stand for it to 'free-stand' which is real dandy!


  1. so clever...amazing what you can do with just the one piece of paper....I bet they love it x

  2. looks fab! now I NEED instructions! xx

  3. This is just what I am looking for I need to make this for my niece's wedding - PLEASE let me know how I can get the instuctions - asap!!! Thanks!

  4. Brilliant, was so easy to make, I just need to know where to get the Square brads we used, can not find them anywhere! PLease help, I have my papers, and I want to make frames as Christmas prezies.

  5. The origami frame was so fabulous; I can't imagine that with just one piece of paper somebody created a masterpiece!

    The person who first made it was really clever; he was able to make the Japanese art into something that can be seen on our home.

    I want to make this one, please give me the instructions and the things that I need...please...

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